For our project, we have built an app that allows users to virtually try on glasses that best suits them. The app takes a couple of questions from the user, and then based on these questions lists the frames that would be most appropriate for the user. The user then gets to virtually try on the frame, and if they like the frame, they can purchase it using the shop now button in the app. This will redirect them to a site that has sells the frame and they can complete the purchase there. Currently the app has limited number of frames, and we are hoping on expanding the library of frames. We picked these 4 as they are the most generic types of frames people often go for. In future, we hope to have affiliate links as way to earn money from the app. We are also intrested in adding more features to our app to make it feel more complete, then we will release it to the app stores. We are also thinking about taking our app to different optical stores and see if they are intersted in using our app as a way to sell their frames, and if possible giving us their frames to import them into our app.


The idea of speCCheck was conceived in January 2020. Our group initially had 4 members, and 3 of us wore glasses. Daniel brought up the issue of having a hard time in choosing the right frames for his face shape. The group started to discuss some ideas, and we decided that we would make an application to solve this problem. We developed a concept for an application where a user can easily go through a variety of different frames, choose one, and have the opportunity to purchase it. The group then went into pre production stages and started to develop the application on an IDE. Our initial idea was that we would develop the application using Augmented Reality (AR), through the XCode and Android Studio IDE. We went to proceed and develop the app on 2 separate IDEs. This turned out to be problematic and the consistency of the app was compromised for the 2 different technologies. We then transitioned to Unity IDE, and started from scratch. During this Fall 2020 semester, we have developed a nice prototype of the application and we are very satisfied with what we did this semester.


  • High security authentication backend
  • User choices are recorded to database so that we could reliably retrieve the previous session in case of any interruption
  • Questionaires to taylor user glasses choices
  • Sign in with Google or register with an email
  • Multiple glasses choice
  • Virtual glasses try-on


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About speCCheck

We are all 3rd year students in the SDNE program at Sheridan. Our application is designed for people who wear glasses or sunglasses. It is a convenient way for them to choose a pair of glasses and provides the opportunity to buy them. Our group as a whole have been learning and practicing programming languages such as C, C#, Java, Swift, Kotlin and many other languages. We are very efficient in the speed and quality of how we complete our work. We are also quick learners, self-starters and do well with deadlines.

speCCheck Credits

Malek Gazem
Programmer/AR Specialist
Van Ha Nguyen
Programmer/Database Specialist
Daniel Patawaran
Programmer/Project Manager