EDGE is an entrepreneurship community based off Sheridan college's HMC campus. They provide a platform for Sheridan students to work on their entrepreneurial ideas and they also provide mentorship to them and if the idea is really something, they also provide funding to the idea and help it become a reality. This is an online platform where students can post ideas and get comments, likes and dislikes which can help them decide whether to go forward with it or not. Hence for capstone we got the opportunity to build an online crowdsourcing platform for them. Just like any other crowdsourcing platforms, this will have the basic functionalities as mentioned above. To make this, so far, we have used some interesting set of technologies. Our main IDE for the platform itself is visual studio. And we used C#'s MVC project for the development. The User interface uses using HTML, css, javascirpt and bootstrap. We used a really interesting Real-time web functionality called signal R. Now signalR has the ability to have server-side code push content to the connected clients as it happens, in real-time instead of the server waiting for the clients request, so using this we were able to create a chat bot on the platform. Coming to the project past, we did face some challenges. For instance, the code replication and code refinement for the HTML and css was challenging because it kept clashing with the already existing MVC bootstrap CSS. Currently basic functionality is good to go, Database is strong posts and comments. Over all the platform is more efficient and looks a lot cleaner. And the interface itself is easy to use.For future we hope to accomplish the following features. A crowdfunding option so that partners with edge can donate easily. Making sure that the video call works live and with the application. Adding real time chart and analysis to showcase how the posts were like. Adding support fir more languages so that users have an easier way of expressing their idea to the point. And lastly host the entire app on 1 hosting service rather than 2.


We selected this project from a list of suggested projects on the capstone list, we pitched it to our professor by showing an interest to take on this project and from there we started our journey, met our sponsour at edge gatherred requirements and started building this crowdsourcing platform. We then worked through the development of our project in a team and were able to add amazing features to it which makes it where it stands.


  • Crowdsourcing
  • Posting Ideas
  • Chat with a representative
  • Commenting on Ideas
  • Voting on ideas using like-dislike feature


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About The Mech

This group is named The Mech. The group was initially made of four members but unfortunately one backed out earlier this semester. Nonetheless, the group stands strong with amazing team spirit. Each team member trusts each other which is quite important to run any team. Also, every team member adjusts according to each other's needs and diverse situations which makes it easier to face any challenge that comes our way. Our team is always eager to learn and put all the best efforts to this project. Developing and presenting well are the two key features of our group. We always try to uplift each other which helps boost confidence of the team and hence let us work harder and better.

Edge Crowdsourcing Credits

Eman Butt
UI UX Developer , Project Manager
Marium Rameez
Database Designer , Back end Developer
Harleen Kaur
Front end and back end Developer