We have built a dual authentication system - facial recognition. We made a system that authenticates the user using the Access Card and then through facial recognition. We're solving the purpose of the impersonation happening in the test centers. Using our product, the admin can enable/disable students, can perform CRUD operations on the entities. Students can view and update their profiles through the student portal. We have used the latest technologies and hardware materials for our product. Technologies we've used are Java, Python, Spring Boot, Thonny, Cloud Services - AWS RDS, Elastic beanstalk, S3 bucket, Rekognition, Raspberry Pi 4, RFID Sensor, Github for the version control, database - MySQL. We have implemented the proposed feature for our product. The current state of our project can be defined as to work on beautifying the web application - User Interface. Our product feature is working. We have integrated the hardware and our website is up and running on the AWS elastic beanstalk. Highlights of our future plan, to display the student activity in the system. Display logs where admin can track every user with the date and time they accessed the system.


To go through the history of our project, we first decided to make a security system that can help organizations like Goodlife Fitness, Costco to remove the problem of impersonation. They're tackling this problem continuously for a long, people are misusing their authority. Then we came up with an idea to authenticate the user with their biometrics. We analyzed our idea and found that we can't implement a fingerprint authentication as it's not safe and fast to check the fingerprint of the users. We found that we can use their face to authenticate them. It was a safe and fast alternative. We started our project and kept this scenario in our mind but later while working on the project we thought to help our institutes and team i.e. the students and professors of our colleges by implementing this idea here. They'll be able to track their students by checking the time they accessed the system. Professors won't have to go and check the Student ID of every student in the exam hall now. Since then we're working on the project and got the current state of the project to be this. We have implemented the technologies we're thinking too and it is using for the current scenario for our college and other test centers.


  • Facial Recognition
  • Access Card Authentication
  • Real-time Data Analytics
  • User Management
  • Fob Management
  • Student Portal
  • CRUD Operations Support
  • Student System Access Logs
  • Cloud Service AWS
  • Registration (Email Verification)


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About Stealth

Team Stealth is known for its teamwork this includes sprints, daily meetings, and cooperation. Soft Skills like communications, interpersonal, analytical, organizational, and open to adapt to changes. The team is good at implementing the new technologies i.e. Spring Boot, Cloud Services - AWS, hardware - Raspberry Pi, Python, the front end - JavaScript, Bootstrap, Version Control - Github, and real-time data analytics, access card authentication, database - MySQL, and facial recognition. Our software development team is a problem-solving professional who works with their customers when they highlight an issue on the mode of operations our software developer aims at providing a computer-oriented solution.

Dual Authentication System - Facial Recognition Credits

Nishit Amin
IOT Engineer, Database Administrator, Project Manager
Bhavik Jain
Java, Python, AWS Developer
Yash Barot
Java, Python Developer
Mansi Mansi
Front-End Developer, Application Tester