Summary S-Nav is a navigation app built to help Sheridan students navigate it's halls. It handles this navigation by prompting the user for where they're currently or nearest located and prompts them on where they want to go; from that we plot out and draw a route for the user. The user will have to hit a button when switching between floors and wings to progress along the route. Tech For S-Nav we used Xamarin, SkiaSharp and Firebase. Xamarin is a .NET based technology allowing for cross-platform development of mobile devices which would allow us to have one code base for "2" apps ( SkiaSharp is an extension of the Skia graphics library for C#, this handles displaying floor plans and the routes to our users. Firebase which we're primarily using to hold our database was a recent addition (only added this term) which we decided to use so we could lower our apps size on devices and provide updated data regardless of users updating. Current State Currently we have a mostly working navgiation application. The one thing preventing it from being "fully" working is a tendency for it to route through walls; it's also optimized routing as well. The UI is workable but not appealing, users might not get lo.5st but it isn't winning anything there. We have about 1.5 wings mapped for Trafalgar campus only, but we do have working accessibility options within those wings. Future Plans Our plans for the future of this application beyond this project would be to finish the remaining wings, include the handicap routing options, include the restaurants and tim hortons locations in the school for searching for food options, add the bookstore and library as searchable options. These features were not really crucial to the main functionality of the application


S-Nav started as the compromise project for our group back in the Capstone Intro course; we had to go for a compromise here as the database overseers couldn't get the other members to agree to work on an AR Platformer. During Capstone intro we're planning on making S-Nav dual platform (Android, iOS), which is why we chose Xamarin, but we've never actually done testing with an iOS device (still holds true). It wasn't until the last 4 or 5 weeks of that course that we actually had any coding done; by the end though we had a working single floor (Trafalgar E2) navigation with nothing setup for additional floors, and a dead end text-recognition service that was supposed to help us plot floors out faster. It would've been nice to have gone farther, but at the time one group member was actively disinterested in contributing and another effectively disappeared, so we only had 2 people working on a task (those mentioned earlier) each. No development happened over the summer co-op term. At the start of Capstone 2 obviously nothing's changed, but after a couple meetings with our project supervisor / prof we agreed to do the planned expansions in mapping, multi-floor / wing navigation and offloading some local file usage to a cloud based service. Firebase was set up quickly enough to handle our cloud needs and development progressed on the other focuses. We approach the release candidate with an app that can display the floor plans of E1,E2,G1,G2 and switch between which is displayed with a button and only a partial implementation of cross-X navigation that only navigates between classrooms, this was fully resolved about 2 days before the presentation. Post release candidate presentation we've had another meeting with our project supervisor and narrowed our goals to meet clickable UI elements, which hasn't yet panned out, and accessibility (elevator) requirements along with the ability to navigate to non-classrooms which were both implemented.


  • Accessibility Options
  • Clear UI
  • Cross floor and wing navigation
  • Ability to navgiate to non-classrooms
  • Persistent database across devices with different versions
  • Persistent database across devices with different versions


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About S-Nav

Although we've frequently struggled to coordinate I feel our group is very good at collaboration under duress, adapting to frequent changes and overcoming inaction. We had a tendency to cut it close when submitting deliverables however we'd all accept our fault in it happening and would implicitly agree to spend the time needed to finish the deliverables on time. Throughout the length of the project we've frequently shifted the technology we were going to use, this started out with small things like dropping support for iOS, but had pretty significant change in moving from a local database to cloud (Firebase) based along with the setup and workflow changes caused by that as an example. Relating to cutting it close submitting delvierables, we sometimes issues regarding members completing a section, this would often be it's own roadbump but the remainder of the group was able to collaborate and determine how best to split that work allowing us to overcome that uncertainty.

S-Nav Credits

Jordan Way
Unoffical Lead, Primary database overseer
Aeryk Protacio
Lead Navigation Dev
Steven Kerr
Primary Map Creator, Secondary Database Overseer
Nicholas Dias
Ui development