Our project is called PetAssist, it is a tool to help Dog owners manage there pet and become more organized with there pet. The project conists of a website and an iOS app, on the website you can access it at our main features are our calender, pet map, food reccomender, and training section. The calender allows the user to set dates for specific events if they have any Vet appointments or medication for the pet they can add it through our calender and it will display to the user. Our pet map using google maps API and places API allows to display a map with buttons under it to show the user with custom markers on the map where the nearest Vet clinics/parks/dog parks/pet stores are near them. If the user wants to search for something specific they can just enter in the search bar above the map. Furthermore the food reccomender displays food based on their dogs breed during the sign up process and the dogs age. Food for loweing a dogs fat, and other healthy dog food alternatives will be displayed and where to purchase those foods. Lastly the trainning section displays general training videos for dogs that the user can go and watch. The iOS app consists of similar features but for mobile. Our project source control is managed on github and for our database we are using Firebase by google. To create our website we are using MVC .NET Core and the mobile version is built with swift. Petassist in its current state needs some work, the features for the website as mentioned are there and working. Our database and website only supports 1 dog per account currently and the styling/look of the website needs work. Similarly, the iOS app needs work on the look and some of the features need to be fixed. Future plans for petassist is we want to add support for multiple dogs for each account since if a user has 3 dogs they will need 3 accounts to manage them, with our time limit we don't have enough time to fully get it imlemented during the semester.


Initiallty we didnt have petassist as our first project we wanted to make an app/website for helping students find a college/univercity in Canada easier but then we went with the idea of helping dogs / dog owners. We wrote a lot of documentation discussing the different methods of how we want to build our project and the roles of each member. We simply just wanted to find a way to help dog owners manage their pet and we came up with petassist. At the beginning we were going to write our project entirely using Flutter but after a few weeks of going back and forth the learning scope was too much for what we wanted to get done and not all group members were on board with it so we just went back to what we learned from previous classes at Sheridan.


  • Pet Map
  • Food Reccomender
  • Calender
  • Trainning section
  • Articles Section (useful information for dogs)


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About PetAssist

Our group conists of 4 people, 2 of which work on the Web development side of the project and the other 2 work on the Mobile (iOS) app of the project. We are all in the SDNE program so we have similar skills. Our skills consist of writing code in .NET core for web and iOS development. We all also have skills for database management primarily in SQL but in our project were using Firebase for our database which is based on noSQL language

PetAssist Credits

Michael Kornecki
Project Manager/Web Developer
Faith Loredo Celaya
Web Developer
Taranpreet Singh
iOS / Mobile App Developer
Ryan Warnakula
iOS / Mobile App Developer