Our project is an application where user can order food and reserve table so that they don't have to wait for a really long time at the restaurant and can spare that time for their loved ones There are three types of orders a user can place 1) Dine in order : user can select the food items and reserve a table along with food items so that when they arrive at the restaurant, they have a place to sit and thei food is ready to be served in few moments 2) Takeout order : user can place takeout order and pick up their food items at their preferred time 3) Contactless order : is user is in restaurant, then they can simply scan the QR code on the table and order food from the app itself without having the need of a waiter to note the order. There are three components of our project 1) Mobile application : React Native 2) Restaurant web portal : React 3) Backend : Java Spring boot with MySQL


We were having this idea way before the capstone project started. We always faced the problem waiting at the restaurant to get a table and then again wait to get the food served. We wait more time then we take to complete our meal at restaurant on busy hours. So to overcome this problem, we thanked to make an app which allows user to just pre order their meal so at lease some items are ready and we can start eating as soon as we reach out there with little to no wait. Then capstone started, and we have to choose a project. We decided why not choose this idea. We started making the project and in the process we came up with many more features like takeout and QR ordering system when the pandemic started in March 2020.


  • View digital menu
  • Pre order food
  • Table reservation
  • QR code table order
  • Takeout order


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About Patel Blinders

The group have 3 members and as a group we are proficient in making full stack application in React/Spring boot environment. Awe also have experience making applications in MERN stake.

WayOrder Credits

Rohan Patel
Team leader and Lead Developer
Jay Patel
UI designer
UI implementation