Part tracker is an app that will monitor the computer part market and notify the users when is the best time to buy certain parts. Our app scrapes sites like amazon for computer parts and send that data to a firebase database where it is analysed and organized. The database will have a history of the average price of each part type so that the user can see what parts are more expensive now compared to what they were in the past. With this information the user will then be able to make an informed decision on whether they want to buy parts now or wait to see if they will drop back down to their previous price point. Some of the technologies used were the SpringBoot framework to create our web scraper that could be hosted on the google app engine. We used JSoup to create the actual core web scraper so we could find products and their prices on sites like Amazon. Android Studio was used to make the actual application that would display the information to the user which got the information from a database that was setup in Firebase. Currently the state of the project is in a some what finished state where the key idea around it is working; however, other classes have caught up with us and our time so it greatly effected the features that we could have implemented in the application. As of right now many of us have burnt out of working on this project any further and no longer have time to invest into it with other group assignments and finals coming up. In the future we might make the Amazon product scraper open source for other to try and see what they could do with it.


Our original Idea was way too ambitious with a reddit style chat room and user login with an AI that searches the internet for parts are any valid site it can find. For obvious reasons we had to make some changes to this idea as we did not have the knowledge or time to figure out how that all worked, and still be able to meet our deadline. We still liked the idea of building an app to help people find computer parts but could not quite figure out what the main purpose of the app would do. That is until one of us said "oh just btw if your looking to upgrade your RAM now is a really good time to buy." Now all of us are gamers and we all know our way around a computer's hardware, but only one of us knew that RAM was cheap right now, and that is when it clicked. In light of this "ah-ha" we realised that unless your actively monitoring that type of thing then you wouldn't have any idea that its happening, which then led us to develop an app that would do that for you. It started with just being a list of parts that was unorganized and did not show anymore then the title and model number. Eventually we developed it to not only grab more parts but also organized it into categories, with prices, a button that sends the user to the webpage where the part was taken, a notification system to notify the users when the database has been updated, and a button that will show the price history that is stored in our firebase database.


  • Web Scraper
  • Live Product Data
  • Notifications
  • Price History
  • Scheduled Product Updates


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About PartTracker

We are a group of students that have a passion to program and create applications that can help solve a problem. Our skills range from creating web applications, developing databases, and creating developing games. All of us have unique skills and talents that brought to the table a team that could create any sort of application or tool to solve real world problems.

Parttracker Credits

Alex Everitt
Manager, Adnroid Developer
Brandon Valere
Android Developer
Kamil Kania
Java Programmer
Mayur Ravji
Database Administrator