We are building a Cross-platform mobile application. This mobile application will be used to sell water pumps to the much-needed buyers like farmers, industries, and households for more than a decade. This is the app that will be used to sell Product for Customer as well as B2B (Business to Business). This will not just create a new value for the customers but also will be a competitive advantage for the company as this application will run on low cost as well as nearly 0% maintenance as there are no real backend involved, instead we are moving step ahead and using the cloud platform named firebase. This application is for both iOS and Android. This application will be a transparent channel for the customers to get detailed information about the product and purchase them at cheap prices. The new value in form of mobile application that our client will be able to provide to their customers. Our application is user-friendly, transparent, informative, secured and easily accessible which indeed will help to increase the product sales. We are building this application using react-native. React Native is an open-source framework that allows you to build a mobile app with only JavaScript. With JavaScript, we are integrating firebase as our database. Using Authentication for login purposes. We are using cloud fire store as our main database. It is the firebase's newest database for mobile application. Currently, we have built most of the functionalities of the project. Some are left are appropriate order tracking model and implementation of actual payment system. We have implemented stripe for the payment which works fine with the default card details. We are working on the testing of our developed application. For future purpose, we are thinking to scale our application and like to C2C feature which will allow consumers to buy and sell products and will get commission based on the sell from respective seller.


We as a group has discussed different ideas for our capstone and we have sorted down to couple of them. One was what we are building, an ecommerce cross platform application for water pumps and the other was an affiliate website. We have chosen an ecommerce as we have our client to back up us. Moreover, it was something new which we have not worked on or studied during our academics. So, it was a challenging task for us, but it will help us to learn something different. Hence, that was our basic thinking to select ecommerce cross platform over affiliate website.


  • Phone number verification
  • Category, special offers, best sellers
  • Search and Sort
  • Bulk order and Promotional Code
  • History
  • Stripe Implementation - for payment
  • Product comparison
  • Wishlist
  • Rating
  • Order Tracking


Capstone Project Presentation(E-Commerce Mobile App)YouTube


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Our group has an amazing organizing and planning skills. If you know what needs to be done, and by when, it becomes quite easy for the team to make it happen. Each member of our group is very supportive to each other and a complete team worker. Good communication is the key of our group. We ensure that group communicates well, and there are no misunderstanidings between the team members. We trust and respect each other's decision. we gather the information and them come up with the decision of doing something. Every group member is open for new ideas or diverse viewpoints. We listen them carefully, have a discussion on it and take the decision. Our group is very hard working and very passionate about the project.

Crossplatform Mobile Application for Water Pumps Credits

Chintankumar Modi
Planning, Analysis, design and development
Nitinkumar Patel
Planning, design, development and testing
Krutik Parikh
Planning, analysis, design, development and testing