Getting a cellphone repaired when it's past its warranty is expensive. Finding a repair shop, especially one that actually services your specific device, is inconvenient and time-consuming. localFix is a web platform that allows you to find the local repair shop that offers the exact service you need and book an appointment all in the same place. We believe that localFix will create more opportunities for customers to easily connect with local businesses and foster a stronger community. The technology used is a combination of Spring Boot and Java for the back-end, and Thymeleaf and JavaScript for the front-end. We use Mapbox's API for geocoding and plotting points on the map, which uses open-source geographical information provided by OpenStreetMap. Currently the project has the ability to register local repair shops, search and display those shops on a map, and booking an appointment with a selected shop. However, the quality of these features is not where we want it to be, and requires several fixes and optimizations, specifically improving the map display and dealing with booking time conflicts.


Before development on localFix, our plan was to complete an unfinished project originally developed for Airborne Sensor called "Eagle360". It was handed down to us by its original developer Andrew Forber and renamed as GeoRef. It was a standalone application that syncronized GPS with recorded video for navigational purposes. After careful consideration the project was sidelined due to its confusing code base and lack of documentation. However, we still wanted to create something that involved mapping, which led to the development of localFix. One of our backup ideas was to create an application that alerted the user when their device required internal repairs, but was far beyond the scope of our abilities. We worked with trying to solve the core pain point, which was getting your phone repaired. Ultimately we decided on a web app that allowed a user to find a local repair shop based on the type of phone they needed repaired, and book an appointment all in the same place. In the environment of the COVID-19 pandemic our work was done entirely remotely, requiring heavy use of online meetings and group texts. Unfortunately this isolation created many additional challenges and miscommunications, resulting in the project being behind schedule; challenges we are still facing to this day.


  • Searching for a repair shop by the brands they service and plotting them on a map.
  • Requesting an appointment with a specific shop describing the issue with their device, and alerting the shop owner.
  • Allowing a shop owner to view different appointments and confirm, deny, or cancel them and alert the customer.
  • A shop owner can register their shop into the system, which allows it to be searched by customers.
  • Customers can leave reviews for the shop once the appointment is completed.


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About Oddball

Oddball is a mix of both budding coders and expert programmers of various ages. They are specialists in either front-end or back-end development, with each member's strengths complimenting the other's weaknesses, forming a full-stack development team. Their passion for technology is what brings this group of strangers together, and allows them to work past their many differences.

localFix Credits

Josh Adeyemo
Developer / Front-End Developer
Thomas Forber
Developer / System Architect
Omar Kanawati
Project Manager / Backend Developer
Devan Tangri
Developer / Market Researcher & Analyst / Front-End Developer