Social media apps are great, but people have forgot to make real connections. The harsh reality is that the filters of these social media photo sharing apps have made the connections between human opaque. NoFilter aims to remove the filters between humans and make the social connections as transparent as possible. People are finding it hard to do something when they are bored. This is another people NoFilter can solve by suggesting relevant events happening near the person. Also, a person can create their own events such as a Basketball match for a person to attend and therefore make use of their time. Present: The map view : The map would allow users to look for events within a certain radius and visualise the location of the events. User centered events : This way user would be able to find the events which matches their interests filtered based on event categories. Finally, We want to make the app as intuitive as possible and provide a clean user experience. For this we would continue to improve the UI in the coming weeks.


Inderpreet loves to use social media apps especially Instagram, and all of us are extroverts and love going out. But at times all of us have experienced cancelling of plans last minute or just being bored in genral and not having someone to hangout with. Moreover, one might not be in a situation where it is easy for them to socialize or they have a very busy schedule. Hence, Inderpreet was looking at potential solutions that might solve this problem, there were some apps but were hard to use, paid and were more of a club/group based apps. So, an idea to create expereiences spontaneously came into the mind and here we are with NoFilter.


  • Creating events
  • Searching by name, category, date
  • Filter event by location radius
  • Real time group chat
  • Private/public events
  • Googles maps API to find events nearby
  • 2 factor authentication for signup
  • Edit profile to change interested category and other attributes
  • Algorithm to show suggusted events


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About NoFilter

Team NoFilter is really passionate about real connections with real people. We really wanted to create something that could replace the existing social media apps that were virtual more than social. All of us are always trying to learn new skills and this also shows while working on this project as we learned new technologies i.e. React native, NodeJS and many libraries that were being used to develop our product.

NoFilter Credits

Inderpreet Singh Matharu
Team Lead
Kunal Khosla
Full Stack Programmer
Sarvesh Badhwar
Business Systems Analyst