To put it briefly, carDaddy is an automated car maintenance concierge. Our application is meant to mitigate uncertainty and provide transparency into what's really needed for maintaining your car. Car ownership can be daunting at times, and regardless of how much (or lack of) of an enthusiast, and how much of a DIY-er you are, even finding the correct maintenance schedule for your specific car can be a challenge. With carDaddy, you register for an account, enter your VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number) and mileage and that's it. From thereon, we have all of your vehicle information that we need and will advise you of when your next services are due, where you can input them and keep track of what has been done. carDaddy follows a standard microservices architecture. Meaning that there is limited login in the client (iOS app), and most of it is sent from back end servers, so we can change out information and alter it very easily without touching the iOS application. This also allows us to scale and even potentially (and easily) build an Android application or a web application. The iOS application also uses SwiftUI with the app mainly comprised of reusable components, so adding more features would be a breeze. In the future we hope to add geotracking to the application to detect when you're driving your car and update your mileage for you, so you can only get alerts when your next maintenance interval is coming up, rather than having to scan it with your camera on your phone or manually input it, also potentially integrating with OBD2 readers to have a running stream of data to calculate mileage, flag any questionable data and to advise of engine codes.


"I wish my phone could just tell me when I need to get my next oil change" - Vince pondered as we ordered another round of beers at The Marquee. "that's it" Oleh exclaimed, and that's how carDaddy came to be. Initially trying to come up with an idea for our capstone projects, we were attempted to analyze the pain points in our daily lives that could do with a unique solution. So we decided on an automated car maintenance concierge. The automation aspect was key as to how we were to have a differentiating factor to our platform. Initially we intended on mandating that the user have an active (yet passive) WiFi OBD2 connector connected to their vehicle to stream real-time car data to our application, however we soon figured out that the ELM 327 OBD2 standard does not have a value for an odometer, rending our initial plan unviable. We implemented manual update options and aim to do geotracking in the future to reinstate this automation. One other hurdle that we encountered was how we would procure the official maintenance schedules of all (relevant) cars. Most manufacturers have an online tool that will provide a complete maintenance schedule of a selected model and year, but this would take weeks and even months of constant manual data scraping to build our database. Another option was to manually reach out to car dealers or manufacturers and procure this information, with uncertainty. We ended up on using CarMD, a service that already has all this information. We attain and store it for future use at a minimal cost.


  • Unique Account Creation
  • Generating a future maintenance schedule on the fly
  • Inputting Past Period Maintenance Items
  • Viewing Custom Curated Recommended Mechanics
  • Update Mileage by Scanning Odometer with your phone
  • Find out your car information based on your VIN number


There are currently no trailers available for carDaddy. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


About KIVO

A ragtag group of misfits form a team in hopes of creating paradigm shifting, car dealer shambling, intuitive car maintenance application. With all members having a passion for creating a unique, complex and game-changing tool, saving consumers money, time and heartache, they went on to build carDaddy. Together, having over 10 years of development and real-world software design and implementation experience, the limits are endless. We specialize and have ample experience in data base implementation, data modelling, UI/UX design, cloud system infrastructure and iOS development. Out of this alliance a company name was created; KIVO.

carDaddy Credits

Oleh Vytvitskyy
Project Manager
Vincent Romani
iOS Developer
Kyle Roberts
Back End Developer
Isabella Piantoni
Full Stack Developer