The project is designed to connect research participants and junior researchers to speed up the recruitment process for medical / research trials. Our project consists of two parts: A web application and a mobile(Android) app Normal users (research participants) can view a list of posted researches and apply to a research through a mobile app. Researchers will be using a website to post their researches. Administrators can delete or view any researches posted as well as approving organization approval requests. The followings are important components to be explained: Data confidentiality / validation: The website is used to upload any researches. We needed to implement a data confidentiality feature for this part. We have implemented an approval request form to achieve the data confidentiality. Any logged in or not logged in users may request an approval of their organizations. The website sends out an email with a 20 alphanumeric code which can be used for user registrations when requests are approved. If an organization has a organization email, users can register using their organization email addresses. Researchers usually belong to universities / organizations / labs (and the organizations mostly have their organization email addresses / domains). If an organization is approved, we are approving resesarchers of the organization. If we approve a researcher, any research studies posted by the researcher are validated. Approval steps: We are expecting the team to reach out to the users / organizations and validate them via emails provided. The administrator may log in with the admin account and approve the request.


Orginially, the team wanted to have a sponsored project. The Capstone preparation course professor provided a list of projects. Sher and Heon selected few projects but the other two original members (who left the group in the first Capstone course) was not comfortable with the selected projects. The team decided to come up with a new Capstone idea. The team leader (Sher) came up with an idea of creating a platform for research participants recruitment processes. The team performed the market research and found there is only one similar app. We also researched how junior researchers recruit participants. Currently, junior researchers are posting on the wall of hospitals / clinics and use their organization website (with contact information) to post advertisements. The team assumed the idea was good for the Capstone project. At first, we were only planning for the mobile app. Then, we realized users might not want to type a wall of texts with the small screens. We added a Spring Boot web application to our project for posting research studies. There were some troubles such as teammates leaving, new teammates joining, and workload distribution issues. However, we managed to implement key features planned for both the mobile app and the website.


  • Display YouTube videos (using provided URLs)
  • Post / Edit a research study on the website
  • List and View posted research studies on the mobile application as well as updating submitted applications
  • View details of a research study and apply to it (via the mobile application)
  • Request an approval for an organization
  • Supports Gmail Login
  • Display the location of research institutions on the Google Map
  • User Input validations and OTP code / Email verification
  • The website and the mobile application sharing a same database (Cloud Firestore)
  • Localization (French)


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About ID08

Our group consists of four members. General Skills as a group: - Time management skills - Communication skills (meeting) - Teamwork skills Programming Skills: Android Programming (Kotlin) - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap 4 - Java for the website - Basic MySQL skills - Knowledge of the Spring Boot and Thymeleaf technology - Sufficient knowledge for security (such as validating for SQL Injection) - Cloud Firebase - Demonstrates knowledge of Google APIs

Researva Credits

Sher Muhammad Khan
Website and Android developer (Mostly front-end) / Product Marketing
Heon Lee
Backend Developer (for both the Android app and the website)
Binu Augustine Vincent
Mobile (Android) developer / Tester
Jie Ming Wu
Mobile (Android) developer / Tester