The premise of was based on the current state of global affairs. The rise of various groups with differing agenda under the umbrella of protesting against police brutality lead to the idea of creating a platform that would allow these groups to connect with each other. focuses on creating a platform to allow different groups across different areas of the world to find each other as well as discuss their ideologies and potential long-term goals. We plan on creating a platform that well act as a means for individual grassroot movements to get together as well as give opportunities for individuals to have a larger voice in sharing their opinion and give rise to more leadership and structure within various movements. is web based and designed to also be available on mobile platforms as well as integration with various social media outlets. We also include various social features like group and individual chat features to allow for discussions among various users.


The history of our project is that we had very little time to develop it because most of our ideas were either to hard to develop within a eight month time frame or because of potential legal reasons. We intially came up with an idea for potentially linking global protesters though a digital medium that was not skin deep like most social media platforms. Development was intially stalled because of complexity issues and we had to redevelop everything roughly two weeks into the semester.


  • Campaign
  • Social Media integration
  • Video call
  • Threads
  • SSL and email verification
  • Chat rooms
  • Metrics
  • Social Score


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About ID05

Our group formed the company Azure back in our first year at Sheridan and we wanted to have some products to legitimatize our company. We wanted to clearly demostrate not only our ability to code but also our ability to adapt to difficult situations as well as being able to deliver a feature complete product with real world benefits. Credits

Dilraz Saini
Li Zhen Yue