We have developed a cross platform mobile application with the goal of connecting students with tutors. We developed the application using Google's new Flutter SDK which allowed us to to develop an application that would compile natively on both iOS and Android environments. The backend of our system is powered by MongoDB and uses ExpressJS and Mongoose to map javascript objects to MongoDB documents. The current state of the application is that it still requires futher development prior to release. We have under estimated the challenges of developing such an app while still learning the technology (we are all new to using Flutter). We unfortunately have several features that we would have liked to include such as: A payment system, a messaging system, and location based services, which we were unable to incorporate into our app.


Do to the current conditions continuing with our previous project was not going to be an option, so we were faced with coming up with a new project idea quickly. We decided do develop an app that would be useful to other students, and we had heard about Google's new Flutter framework and thought it would be a great opportunity to explore a new technology. While it has been a very interesting project to work on, it has been quite a challenge to design as none of us were familiar with the unique approaches Flutter takes to offer a natively compiled app on multiple platforms. This has led to several re-writes throughout this process as we learned how to accomplish our goals within Flutter. Ideally, we would have had a stronger understanding of Flutter prior to designing such a complex application. Another example, through learning about Flutter we realized (a little too late) that Firebase would have been a more appropriate choice for our backend environment.


  • Tutors can create a profile
  • Students can search tutor profile
  • Students can request a tutoring session with a tutor
  • Tutors can indicate subjects tutored
  • Students can create a post lookng for help
  • Students can keep track of their favorite tutors


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About GroupName

We are a group of 3rd year students enrolled in the Software Development & Network Engineering program at Sheridan College's Trafalgar campus. We have a diverse set of skills. Our shared skills consist primarily of: database design, networking, web development and enterprise software development. Within our group some of our members have experience with 2D or 3D game development, as well as some experience with developing apps in either the Android environment or the iOS environment. We have some experience using some of the following languages: java, javascript, C#, HTML, CSS, C and now Dart.

TutorConnect Credits

Ryan Haire
Backend API
Brian Holmes
Flutter Developer
Jagmeet Nanda
Flutter Developer
Brandon Sarmany
Flutter Developer