Our Project is building a website based on ASP.NET Core C# Application and MySql. The website is developed to help customer to find home services and start-up service provider or side hustlers to get customer for their business. We have two platform in this website, one is business like plumber, electrician can register their service and another is customer looking for those services can book the services. We have added different features to add value to our project. There is a Chatting feature implemented using "HubSpot", payment service using "Pay Pal", Location service using API like "Leaflet", "OSRM", "OpenStreetMap".


We came up this idea while we were asked to think about an idea for capstone project. We decided that we will notice problems that we encountered in day to day lives. We came up many ideas but the most interesting one was that problem to find a good service provider to solve household issues. People have to search it on google or have to call their friends or relatives for an affordable and good company. We noticed that this is a wastage of their time and energy So don't we come up with an app that will solve their issue. So this is how our capstone project was decided. Now we have build app that have companies that provide household services. Customers have to login in our app and will get a good company to solve their issue like finding an electrician based on their reviews and rating. Our app gives motivation to companies to provide better services so that they can get higher rating , be on top of our app and attract more customers and earn more money.


  • Live Chat
  • Location Routing
  • Payment Service
  • Database
  • Fixed Calendar


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About Get Id Done

We are three team members Baldeep Kaur, Rajwinder kaur and Sahashra Rajbhandari. We are students of SDNE program. Our team members has many skills that were helpful to complete capstone project . Our team is organisable and plan well which is important for being organised to complete tasks on time. We had decision making power. Also our team has good communication skills which was helpful to make things more clear. We were transperent with each other . if one member was demotivated then other team members would inspire him more to do things. Our team is best according to us.

Get It Done Website Credits

Sahashra Rajbhandari
Web Designer and Developer
Baldeep Kaur
C# Developer
Rajwinder Kaur
C# Developer