The feed me web application integrates Edamam's Recipe API which provides users with access to thousands of recipes. Users will have the ability to store any recipes they wish to save for future references. Additionally, in the case where users can't decide what to make for breakfast/lunch/dinner, they can utilize the meal roulette game which takes in inputs such as their favourite recipes and the number of days. The game will then shuffle the melas and output the recipes in a random order spread across the number of days they have entered. In terms of tech, we used ASP .NET Core and client-side scripting languages such as JavaScript and jQuery. After we finish school, we're going to rebuild everything as an SPA and use the React framework instead. Our plan to convert it into a social media platform like instagram, where users can publish and share their meal plans so they can share the outcome of their meal plans with other users.


Ellie had the idea of around three years ago, and it was originally just a basic Excel spreadsheet. Ellie has always been a foodie, but got seriously into meal prepping in 2017. After around six months, she got bored of eating the same meals all the time and began looking up recipes and ideas for each upcoming week, however, this would take her several hours. The longest time it took her was 5 hours and at that point she decided to create a better solution: she listed her favourite recipes in an Excel spreadsheet, used a randomizing function, and let the function output what meals she should make. Happy with her solution, she shared it on Reddit where users encouraged her to convert it into an app. Once it was converted into a web app, Gabby came up with the idea of converting it into a social media platform where users can share their meal plan with other users. It gives the users the ability to share the goals they have achieved following their meal plan and it can applied to things like weight-loss, muscle-building, restoring cholesterol levels, etc.


  • Search over thousands of recipes
  • Save recipes
  • Search recipes based on nutritional requirements
  • Play meal roulette
  • Save meal plans from meal roulette
  • View recipe nutrition report
  • Save your own personal recipes


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About Gabriellie

Well, our group only contains two students. We make a great team in a sense where we both have the same aspirations, work-ethic and overall passion for coding. Ellie is a back-end developer and Gabby is front-end so it provides a better overall balance when it comes to development. We can make something work and we can also make it look pretty. Credits

Gabby Arevalo Diaz
Front-end developer
Ellie Lombardio
Back-end developer