Shopping for electronic products can be hard sometimes as BestBuy only provides the name of the products with very minor description of the product on the tag. The product tag sometimes is also missing and leaves the customer with no help. Some of the customers are not properly attended by the sales representatives. So, they are left with no help and sometimes they have less time, so they don't have any other way of getting the reviews and the description of the product. The problem is not just for normal customers, as a BestBuy employee myself, we got to remember bunch of information and that is hard sometimes. It is impossible to know everything about every product in the store. The proposed application will allow the user (customer/employee) to scan the product tag with the SKU number on it and get all proper specifications for that product. Another feature is that user can use the images to recognize the product, if there is no tag available for that specific item. This application will provide user with the closest products at BestBuy and will also provide the description and the review of the product with different vendors from Google. The application will also allow the managers or high authorized people to get analytics on customers searching patten and on what products users are adding in Wishlist. That is not all it will allow the customers to make relation with a specific company as it will provide average ratings for each company that user adds to his/her Wishlist. This application is being built for iOS devices with advanced features such as image and text recognition and Data Analytics have been incorporated in the application.


Rathin Chopra is an employee at Best Buy. He wanted to help the customers by building something which helps them to ease their convenience when they arrive at the store. However, it is very difficult individually for him to go to every customer and resolve their issues. Even, he cannot remember all the information for all products and he constantly need to go and check in the system for more details. This made us think to build an application that can resolve this problem. So, we tried to contact Rathin's manager and started discussing the ideas of how we can make an application which can actually benefit everyone. After lots of thoughts sharing, we came up with the idea of building a text and image recognition application which can actually detect products and get more information. This saves lot of time and effort for both customer and employee. We then started developing our application under the guidance of Rathin's manager and constantly discussing the ideas of how the application should be developed. In this way, we made progress and now we have the application ready which can help lot of people.


  • Text Recognition (Getting Exact Details of the product)
  • Image Recognition (Getting Similar products)
  • Data Analytics (Provides user insights)
  • Product Recommendation (Suggesting similar products)
  • Google Review (Compare product prices with different vendors)
  • Wishlist (User can add the products to view it later)
  • Search History (User can view their previous searched products)




There are currently no logos or icons available for Best Buy Vision. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

About Eagle Eye

Our group name is Eagle Eye. Our group are 4th year students. Our group members are mainly more skilled in application development (iOS and android). Our group has a balance between creativity and productivity. This allows our group to make tremendous looking UI and also maintain the backend for the application at the same time.

Best Buy Vision Credits

Rathin Chopra
Project Owner, Risk Analyst
Deep Patel
Scrum Master, Risk Analyst