Callous Kitchen is a food inventory app that strives to reduce your food waste. Keep track of your food on the web or on your android device. Get warnings about what foods contain allergens or non-vegeterian ingredients just by scanning a barcode! No longer will you buy a food just to get home and throw it out because it has peanuts. You also get info like expiry dates and quantity. Get reminders when your favorite food items are running low or when your food is about to expire. If you're not sure what to use your expiring food for, just use our handy recipe suggestions feature that does the research so you don't have to. Even if you want a specific recipe, our app will suggest something you can make with the ingredients in your home. The product is currently usable and has less bugs than a lot of the apps I've downloaded from the play store. It's not incredibly refined, but it works. The android app is developed in kotlin and the web app is developed in C# mvc. Both versions connect to the same C# web service for back-end operations making the app cross-compatible. All data is stored in SQL DB. To scan barcodes, ML kit is used and to get food info openfoodfacts is used. The recipe search is powered by edamam API and has a free startup plan. The website is deployed to azure and the service on a windows server. Currently the app relies on user input expiry dates or expiry dates from barcodes. We'd like it if we could suggest expiry dates and modify them based on where the user is storing the food, e.g. freezer makes things take longer to expire. Recipe suggestions could be more accurate since they don't always return recipes that have food the user has in their kitchen. We are currently working on it and it should be fixed very soon. The recipe suggestions are somewhat limited by the API. If we had more money we could upgrade and that would help. There're some small UI tweaks that would help like searching and sorting the inventory. Another feature that would really be great would be calorie tracking. It would add unique appeal to the app by combing food management with healthy living which hasn't really been done before. There is unfortunately not enough time though. If I had like one extra week I would go for it but I'm way too busy to put in a completely new feature at the moment.


We initially wanted to make some sort of food/kitchen inventory app because it would lend itself well to developing a variety of skills. We decided that it would be a good idea to differentiate our app from the many other food inventory apps by also focusing on health features since there were no other food inventory apps on the market that focused on both equally. In our research, it was found that most apps focused on one or the other, but not both. We would therefore be able to fill a gap in the market of people who like food but also want to be healthy. We also decided that it would be cool to have 2 versions of the app, one on android and one on web. This would allow us to make use of both our C# skills and mobile skills. To accomplish this task, we decided to make use of a C# web service that would communicate with both versions of the app. This would also allow the user to be able to login from a different device and keep all their data! The popular gaming term for this feature is cross-saving. Due to pressure from our capstone advisor we decided to focus on recipe suggestions and expiry date estimation and abandon health features. Lack of time and insight resulted in these features progressing slowly.


  • Food CRUD
  • Scanning barcodes to get food info
  • Cross-compatibility
  • Recipe suggestion
  • Allergy and vegan/vegetarian warnings
  • Expiry notifications
  • Shopping list generation
  • Account management
  • Email confirmation


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There are currently no logos or icons available for Callous Kitchen. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

About Callous Hippos

Our group is skilled in android developement using kotlin in android studio and web developement using C# in visual studio. We have become adept in making an app from the ground up. We went from the designing phase all the way to the deployment and testing phase. We have incorporated feedback to deliver a constantly evolving product that meets the needs and desires of consumers. We are also able to make good use of third-party APIs.

Callous Kitchen Credits

Kevin Gadelha
Tester, Back-end service developer, Android developer, Deployment manager, Database designer/administrator
Laura Stewart
Project manager, Documentation Lead, UI designer, Android developer
Peter Szadurski
Back-end service developer, Web-app developer, Deployment Support
Vladyslav Hrusha
Back-end service developer, Database designer