BarSIS is an iPad and server application that allows fast and simple workspace sign in, along with detailed tracking of visitor sign ins. BarSIS was built to be used by Sheridan EDGE for their workspace sign in needs. The iPad application allows visitors to sign in and out of the workspace by simply scanning their Sheridan OneCard's barcode. Additionally, the BarSIS website allows EDGE staff to view sign in data and administer the system. We built the iPad app in Swift. The sign in and other data is managed by a Ruby on Rails web application, running in a Docker container. Communication between the two is handled by a JSON API. At this point BarSIS is feature complete, and ready to be implemented by Sheridan EDGE as their new workspace sign in system if they so desire. Currently, it has not been adopted as the cost of switching to a new system is not realistic during a pandemic.


Our project started as one of the industry projects available during the Capstone Planning course. Sheridan EDGE wanted to replace their current workspace sign in system, Envoy, with something more suited to their individual needs. We met with EDGE, and after discussing their requirements designed BarSIS as a solution custom built for them. At first, we intended to implement tap-based scanning of the OneCards, but after discussions with the Sheridan OneCard office and HID (the OneCard vendor), we determined that a barcode based scanning system would be more cost effective, simple to implement, and compatible looking towards the future. As the project went on and the pandemic caused the EDGE workspace to close, we were not always able to keep contact with EDGE, and the likelihood of them paying to adopt the new system went down. With that in mind, we continued to develop BarSIS to their specifications, but have not been able to implement BarSIS in the actual workspace.


  • Guided Self Sign In (OneCard Based)
  • Host/Mentor SMS Notification
  • Instant Security Check/ Watchlist (Gives front desk staff an extra layer of security)
  • Real time Updates & Logs for visitors
  • Reports & Data Exports
  • Built-in Data Visualization tools like line/bar charts for admins


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About Basicco

Basicco is a group of 3 students from the CNET program and one from the SDNE program. We have experience in computer science, computer networking, applied programming, and project management.

BarSIS Credits

Elliot Brandt
Web developer, architecture design
Joseph Ip
Web developer, API programmer
Abdullah Asif
Mobile dev, project management
Binod Shrestha
Mobile dev