Project Summary: It is an instore app with two Dashboards Customer side Kitchen side. Customer Side has sub layouts Dine layout Takeout/Kiosk layout. Idea Full digital customer service Contact less service Enjoy service to a nearby dedicated device. Technologies Used: IOS, XCode, SwiftUI, CocaTouch Class and Libraries, CocaPods, Paypal, USDZ, Firebase Project Present: Well, we are proud of what we have established. And don't see anything requiring fixing. All Basic Functionality is Complete. Both the Dashboards Crud Operations All Features Secure Login and admin/client sides But there is never such thing as a perfect code. Some code Polishing Custom Order Feature Collaborate with 3D-Model makers for other .usdz files. Project Future: Payment Feature Collaborate with proper service provider like Square or Moneris. Future Features Daily Deals Discount Offers A Review Page Able to retain Regular Customers and their regular Orders.


Two of us group members have been working as part time workers in a domestic super busy restaurant. They had an reservation system on their part, which we thought of developing, and make a new by our side and show them the prototype, if they like then we may think of future possibilities. And hence we started on making a reservation diner type prototype last semester. But because of some coding and application use implications we ended up making food ordeering app in the new semester discarding the previous code. then on our superviosers advice we made a Kiosk cum Dine in food ordering app from start.


  • Self Digitila service
  • Native IOS
  • DINE IN and Take Out features
  • Fully Dynamic
  • Better UI
  • 3D object models for food items
  • Analytic display functions
  • E-Receipt
  • Supports Light mode and dark mode theme


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About Back Bench Programmes

The team is versatile, understanding, hardworking, on core. All team members have good command on both backend and front end. Good on Database side, all have learned different languages and most powerfull thing is our commjunication and background.

Kiosk/Take-Out & Self Dine-In App Credits

Raish Mashinwala
Project Management and Support coding
Dhruvil Patel
Main Coder
Rutul Patel
UI and Databse Handler