Our app, FindMyFarmer, was developed to connect farmers and farmer markets with customers looking for fresh produce in their area. We have implemented an array of highly technical features. We are using a firebase and AWS relational DB connection to facilitate communication between the application and its data flow. Furthermore, a series of Google/Facebook APIs are implemented to provide users with many opportunities to register on our platform. Besides, a food API will pull information on the various fruit/vegetable products. Customers will be able to filter through a list of farmers in the "Market Place" to view produce for the Farmer nearest to them. We will implement more features such as a way for farmers to add multiple farms, maintain their profile and update their farms' information.


We started our project only this semester. Our group didn't have the full idea of the application we wanted to build. The initial scope was bigger, because we wanted to implement the recipe functionality for the project, but realized that with all of the workload we won't be able to make everything polished and ready for presentation. Initially, we had 5 group members, but one disappeared, so we had to reorganize tasks and responsibilities. Afsar came up with the idea of Find My Farmer. We as a team filtered out other options of pursuing the Capstone Project because we think that this is a unique experience and the market is open for such an application. We started building Find My Farmer with no particular structure or software design pattern. We had to re-do half of the project before the presentation to make the code pretty, professional and easy to manage, as well as improve the workflow of the application. Find My Farmer still has room for improvement, but we have done a lot of work, with no prior experience for most of us and our team is proud of the progress and results.


  • map location routing
  • favorite listing
  • search farmer via name of products and farm's name
  • farmers can have multiple farms on one account
  • google & facebook sign in


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About ASAN

We are a team of dedicated software developers with a piece of thorough knowledge of various programming methodologies and languages. We are at the forefront of solving our clients' problems and possess excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Find My Farmer Credits

Afsar Ahmed
Nikita Kartavyi
Andrei Constantinescu
Developer, UI/UX developer
Sohaib Hussain