Hemorrhage is a first person shooter (FPS) video game where you play as a white blood cell defending the human body from invading infections. The purpose the project served was to create an educational experience for kids in order to teach them about the human body and it's immune system. Currently due to constraints the game has been changed to have an immune system theme and instead focuses on the gameplay. The game is developed using Unity as our primary game engine, because it is what we have been taught in class. Visual Studio is our IDE of choice because it has built in support for Unity. For our main inspiration for the game we looked towards the original DOOM to try and emulate its fun, addictive gameplay. Currently the project is still within its Beta and approaching close to it's gold version that will have a polished user experience. The plot of the game is that you are a powerful white blood cell (W.B Cell) and bacteria and infections are invading the city of Bod'eh. You are commanded by Commander B.Rain to try stop the invaders and restore peace. The game has a military and industrial theme for the characters and environment, while trying to stay faithful to their anatomical design.


Before Covid-19, the Project Manager/Lead noticed that there was a lot of misconception about the immune system (surrounding viruses and bacteria) in general. He noticed people not washing their hands before they eat or hearing of others taking antibacterial medication for a viral infection like the flu. Hemorrhage was created in order to teach kids early on about the human immune system and also for us as a way to create a fun and interesting FPS game in Unity. Everyone used the lessons we were taught in our semester 5 Unity course to try and create the foundations of the game, as well as looking at YouTube tutorials to try and implement functionality we wanted to add that wasn't taught yet. We decided on having a game that just focuses on creating a fun and interesting game. We used primitive objects in Unity for our models in the game, created our own textures for the levels and objects, used Unity's physics to "animate" certain objects (destruction of cholesterol crates, melee weapon, weapons, destruction of enemies).


  • Unique and interesting environments based on the human body
  • Pulling Enemies up close and personal with your melee weapon!
  • A retro and stylyzed art design
  • Break the intruders down into several tiny pieces!
  • Fun and Engaging Gameplay!
  • Fight Enemies based on real microorganisms
  • Grapple across areas with the use of pillars
  • Procedural generation of enemies!
  • Cool effects, engaging sound, and music!
  • Real time updates on game information through UI!


Hemorrhage Pitch


There are currently no logos or icons available for Hemorrhage. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

About 99 Aces

99 Aces is a group of 3 Sheridan students, all focusing on game development for their capstone. All determined to make a fun, interesting First-Person Shooter. The group is skilled in Game Programming, Game/Level/UI/AI/Art Design, Unity Modeling and Development with Unity Engine.

Hemorrhage Credits

Aswad Mirza
Game Designer, GamePlay, Key Feature, Project Lead
Sharek Khan
UI, AI, Art and Design
Omer Farkhand
Level Design, Boss development